Securing the supply chain

Alkion forms an essential link in the global network that enables modern life. We fulfill this role by offering safe, bulk liquid storage at scale for a wide variety of products. Our tailored solutions respond to individual customer requests and we are committed to investing in the new and upgraded equipment that enables this. 

Our objective is straightforward: to support our customers so that they are in a position to run secure and seamless supply chains at locations that are convenient for them. To this end we operate nine terminals in five European countries, with all terminals strategically located for important transport nodes and the markets supplied by our customers. By listening to the needs of our customers, in this way, we act as an essential link in their supply chains.

Forward thinking solutions

The ecosystem we serve is changing as the world transitions to the use of more sustainable forms of energy and base materials. As responsible actors in this evolution, Alkion constantly listens to the voices that are shaping this future. Consciously and unconsciously, we hear what the planet and its people need and believe.

That’s why Alkion is increasingly focused on providing storage solutions that help our customers to migrate to more sustainable supply chains and products. 

By moving quickly to define our activities in terms of long-term environmental and business sustainability, Alkion is ideally positioned to offer its employees, customers and investors a stable future. At the same time, we contribute to a prosperous and healthy world for everyone.

Within this context, we make determined efforts to reduce our own environmental footprint. We measure and record our CO2 footprint on an ongoing basis and we are taking meaningful steps towards CO2 reduction. For instance, we have installed solar panels at our terminals in Italy and Portugal, and we are doing the same at other sites. You can find up-to-date details of our CO2 figures here

Everyone is heard

Alkion operates nine terminals across five European countries. Our employees are therefore drawn from different cultural backgrounds and speak different languages. Despite this, everyone at Alkion is part of a meaningful and ongoing commitment to listen to each other. If someone comes up with an idea, big or small, we see it as an opportunity for evolution and improvement. It doesn’t matter if the idea comes from someone who has been with the company for 20 years, or two days. Nor does it matter if they work in the field or in the office.

The result is a process of continuous improvement that enables us to respond with agility to the changing needs of customers. It also promotes higher standards in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental and social responsibility so that Alkion becomes a great place to work as well as a viable long-term investment opportunity.

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