Alkion Terminals operates under strict safety, health and environmental (SHE) procedures to ensure that products are being safely stored, loaded and unloaded. It is subject to the SEVESO guidelines and operates under a License to Operate (LtO) granted by the authorities. It hires experienced suppliers and contractors that endorse its professional SHE procedures. Suppliers’ activities are monitored on a regular basis, to ensure that operational checks, management systems and current SHE performances comply with Alkion Terminals criteria. Quality management is embedded in the operational procedures and a code of conduct is in place.


Alkion Terminals has acquired a solid reputation through sound SHE management and regulatory compliance. Alkion Management is leveraging this established reputation and knowledge across all Alkion subsidiaries to apply best practices at platform level.

Alkion Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Alkion strives to fulfill its mission to excel in customer service and operations in a
responsible manner, based on ethics and integrity, with positive impact on society and minimizing the impact on the environment.

It is achieved through:

A sound SSHECQ policy where every employee is accountable, and complacency is not tolerated.
A permanent focus to manage and reduce our ecological footprint (air, water, soil, wastes).
An efficient use of energy and actions to reduce our carbon footprint.
A full compliance with operating licenses, local regulations and applicable laws.

A continuous improvement process aiming at stakeholder’s satisfaction and a sound Alkion reputation.

A positive and pro-active relationship with local communities.

A motivated, entrepreneurial, passionate and well-trained workforce.

Alkion Corporate SSHECQ Policy


We care for the safety and health of our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, neighbors, for the environment, for the security of our assets and have the firm belief that all incidents are preventable.

We always strive to achieve a solid SSHECQ performance aligned to our customers and other stakeholders. At Alkion it is everyone’s business.

We implement strong and effective integrated management systems to plan, control, and continuously improve our performance.

We measure, report, benchmark and communicate our performance honestly and transparently.

We identify, analyze and continuously search for ways to reduce the risks associated with our activities on human health and safety as well as on the environment.

We investigate near misses and incidents, we identify points for improvement and follow through with actions.

We strictly comply to SSHECQ regulations and appropriate standards in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection of our assets and facilities as well as in executing our operations.

We are well-prepared for emergency situations through structured and efficient response systems.

Our employees are visible safety leaders and we hold individuals accountable for their safety performance.

Our employees and contractors know, understand and strictly adhere to our Life Saving Rules.

We provide adequate SSHECQ training and on-the-job specific education to maintain a high level of employee competency.

We promote a Just Culture-concept where reporting and sharing is the keystone for continuous improvement – we learn from what went wrong and implement leading indicators to help prevent incidents, whereas we reward outstanding actions.

CO2 Performance Ladder: Our Footprint and Reduction Objective


In 2019 we emitted 11.329 tonnes of CO2, with Scope 1 Emissions accounting for 8.248 Tonnes CO2, Scope 2 Emissions for 2.917 Tonnes of CO2 and 164 Tonnes of CO2 for Business Travel. By 2025, Alkion Terminals aims at emitting 20% less CO2 than in 2019. We are targeting to reduce CO2 Emissions of Scope 1 by 10.5% and Scope 2 by 8.2%. In 2020 the emitted 12.183 tonnes of CO2, with the increase in comparison to 2019 explained by growing gas consumption required to handle higher throughput volumes and tank occupancy for heated products.


To monitor the relative progress Alkion Terminals has set up KPIs.

2019 2020
Emission per FTE (CO2/FTE) 32.7 35.7
Emission per revenues (CO2/revenues)*1000 113.2 121.6
Emission per throughput (CO2/throughput)*1000 4.2 5.2
Grey/green electricity ratio 21.5 24.5

How we reduce CO2 Emissions

Reducing Scope 1 Emissions

Gas Consumption
Reassess most efficient & sustainable heating option (electricity sources, neighbouring plants)
Improve insulation on tanks and pipelines
Assess the impact of replacing boilers for more efficient ones
Cover part of the natural gas consumption by biogas
Fuel Consumption
Install charging stations at the terminals powered by solar energy
Revise the corporate policy to improve the maximum requirement CO2/km
Focus on leasing/renting hybrid and electric cars
Promote lease e-bikes


Organizational measures

Inform employees about sustainability behaviour at the office
Replacement of plastic cups
One sustainability workshop/education/quiz for employees
Visual for the offices and the surroundings around
KLM Biofuels Program for Business Travel

Reducing Scope 2 Emissions

Electricity consumption: Increasing the amount of green electricity and improving energy efficiency
Preparing business case and acquiring permits for solar panels
Installing & commissioning solar panels capacities
Looking for energy suppliers able to ensure Green Electricity Supply with Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and switching to those if available
Switch to LED lightning
Pumps variable speed drive (inverters) and/or automatic pumps flow regulation
Smart lightning at night at the terminals/Cut off light at night where possible
Inductive filter data (e-power system)
Steam consumption: looking for a more sustainable steam source


Alkion Terminals is affiliated to Nederland CO2 Neutraal and Talks Energie Transition (a working group running at ORAM Plattform). Italian branch of Alkion participates in Unem (Unione Energie per la Mobilità), with a working group focusing on the development of lower carbon liquid fuels and e-fuels. These memberships are contributing to the exchange of knowledge and experience sharing with the other companies on sustainability challenges and solutions, allowing Alkion to be an active participant in the world of energy transition.

Download the Alkion CO2 Performance Ladder.
Download the Alkion Energy Policy.



For more information on CO2 Performance Ladder please visit: https://www.co2-prestatieladder.nl/nl