About us

Experience and ambition

Alkion operates nine bulk liquid storage terminals, strategically located in five major European economies: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. The management team has high level global experience of the energy and bulk storage industry and we aim to grow our business and customer base by adding to our solution offering. To achieve this we work constantly to upgrade, adapt and optimize our assets so that we maximize utilization. We have ambitions to extend our presence in Europe but will only do so when the right opportunities arise. 

Central to our approach is a determination to meet the evolving and future needs of customers. We are therefore focused on providing storage for chemicals, renewables and synthetic products, along with new logistics services such as tank container storage. In doing so we recognize that the industry must evolve and play an active role in the energy transition. 

Local knowledge, lean structures

Alkion terminals are integrated into numerous local, regional and national supply chains and markets. Serving these markets successfully demands the deep, ‘on the ground’ knowledge possessed by our people. Decisions are therefore delegated to local terminal management as far as possible. This allows us to work with a small central team and to benefit from an agile and entrepreneurial spirit across all our operations.

This approach has enabled us to gain a positive reputation for reliability and customer service since our formation in 2016. We are proud of the way in which our people continue to operate smoothly throughout the Covid crisis.

Halcyon days

Alkion’s logo is a lively and colourful bird that embodies a timeless heritage. The story begins in Ancient Greece, a period when ‘Alkionides’ were the ‘halcyon days.’ According to Greek mythology these calm, bright days in the middle of winter were granted by the gods so that the kingfishers would be able to hatch their eggs. The Greeks believed that it was a mythical bird, usually identified with the kingfisher, who had the power to create the halcyon days by softening the winds and calming the waves. 

The halcyon days have always been associated with calmness, serenity, and prosperity. It was our mythical bird logo that made those days possible, and who now brings those same virtues to Alkion.

Responding to climate change

 The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables will ultimately affect every company and individual in the world. Our customers across the hydrocarbons sector are among the first to be tasked with responding to its imperatives. Alkion has therefore moved quickly to offer the flexibility and capability that will enable them to produce, develop, source and blend a growing range of renewable fuels and chemicals. 

The demand for storage solutions that are tailored for more sustainable energy sources will grow substantially in the years to come. Alkion’s foresight and growing expertise in this area means that it is well positioned to meet this opportunity.

Values for everyone

Everything Alkion does is underpinned by six core values shared by everyone who works at Alkon :

Your safety is our only way - ensure that everyone returns home safely each day

Freedom to act - act while you can

Discipline - work smart, not hard

Can-do-together - go the extra mile

Customer-centric - be approachable with a no-nonsense personal touch

Respect and equality - listen actively

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