Listening to our customers

Our objective is to support our customers as they run seamless supply chains at locations that are convenient for them.

Listening to the future

Consciously and unconsciously, we hear what the planet and its people need and believe.

Listening to each other

Everyone at Alkion is part of a meaningful and ongoing commitment to listen to each other.

Key Facts

Located at the interface of key shipping lanes and land transport hubs, our terminals are integrated into customer supply chains


Going green with solar energy in Alkion Terminals Lisbon and Vado Ligure

The sun is becoming an increasingly important part of Alkion Terminals’ energy supply, as part of our company-wide commitment to sustainability. With the installation of solar panels, Alkion is taking meaningful steps towards the goals outlined in our ESG Report. In the past few years, Alkion terminals – Vado Ligure (ATVL) in Italy and Lisbon (ATL) in Portugal – have installed solar panels that now provide a significant amount of energy for the terminals.[…]

Moving towards a greener future with electric car charging stations at Alkion Terminals.

As a company, Alkion aims to be a responsible actor that makes a positive and pro-active contribution to the communities and societies that we are proud to be a part of. As part of our continued focus on sustainability, two Alkion terminals have installed car charging stations available to use for free for their employees, as well as switching company cars to either hybrid or electric vehicles. Geertje Kramer, Terminal Manager of Alkion Terminal Amsterdam (ATA), and Fabien Lusson, Terminal Manager of Alkion Terminal Nantes (ATN) and Alkion Terminal Bayonne (ATB), explain. […]

Acquisition Maastank by Koole Terminals.

Zaandam, the Netherlands – 24 January 2023 – Koole Terminals, a leading provider in integrated and innovative storage, processing, and logistics solutions for liquid bulk products, has acquired Maastank B.V.
The Maastank terminal in Botlek Rotterdam, formerly part of the Dekker Group, is a key player in the Rotterdam port area in the storage and handling of vegetable oils, fats, and biofuel feedstocks.

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