Listening to our customers

Our objective is to support our customers as they run seamless supply chains at locations that are convenient for them.

Listening to the future

Consciously and unconsciously, we hear what the planet and its people need and believe.

Listening to each other

Everyone at Alkion is part of a meaningful and ongoing commitment to listen to each other.

Key Facts

Located at the interface of key shipping lanes and land transport hubs, our terminals are integrated into customer supply chains


A new product brings new challenges: Alkion Terminal Lisbon welcomes bitumen into their product portfolio.

Alkion Terminals, part of Koole Terminals Group, is committed to growing their expertise and expanding the services they offer their customers. As part of that continuous commitment, Alkion Terminal Lisbon has welcomed bitumen as a new part of their product portfolio. […]

Changing the game: Alkion Terminal Marseille, part of the Koole Terminals group, opens first Isotank storage platform in the region.

A reason to celebrate at Alkion Terminal Marseille: a brand new Isotank storage platform, the first of its kind in the South of France, will officially be opened on the 11th of September. Aurélien Jakalski, Sales Engineer and Project Developer, explains what makes this Isotank facility such a game-changer: “I’m very proud of this project because we are really bringing something new to the market.”[…]

Acquisition of Alkion Terminals by Koole Terminals.

Together toward European market leadership Today, Alkion Terminals and Koole Terminals are officially one group, working together toward a more sustainable future. Zaandam, November 17, 2022 – With 20 terminals in seven countries, 900 employees and a total capacity of 5.3 million cubic meters, Alkion Terminals and Koole Terminals have significantly increased their potential together. […]

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