Changing the game: Alkion Terminal Marseille, part of the Koole Terminals group, opens first Isotank storage platform in the region.

A reason to celebrate at Alkion Terminal Marseille: a brand new Isotank storage platform, the first of its kind in the South of France, will officially be opened on the 11th of September. Aurélien Jakalski, Sales Engineer and Project Developer, explains what makes this Isotank facility such a game-changer: “I’m very proud of this project because we are really bringing something new to the market.”

Construction on the Isotank storage platform began in September 2022. The platform is located between the Marseille and Fos-sur-Mer container terminals and will be accessible via road and rail. “Isotank containers are multimodal, meaning they can be transported via road, rail or sea, and then stored without having to transfer the product to other vessels, or without even opening the container,” Aurélien explains.

This offers a lot of benefits to customers in terms of flexibility and safety: “Not having to open the tank in order to store or transport the product greatly reduces the risk of leakage.” This is especially important when working with hazardous substances such as toxic, flammable or corrosive products. Alkion Terminal Marseille’s expertise regarding these specific products is one of the reasons why they were able to obtain the necessary government authorization for the platform. This puts Alkion Terminal Marseille in a unique position, not only in the South of France but the entire Southern European region, as the only Seveso-site in the area with the capability and authorization to handle and store Isotank containers.

Aurélien also notes the benefits in terms of flexibility: “Isotank containers can store between 20 and 35 m3 of product; a much smaller quantity than our regular tanks. They can also be accessed on demand within 24 or 48 hours.” It’s an ideal solution for customers who require smaller quantity or short-term storage and flexible access to their product.

“The Isotank storage platform will store a large range of liquid bulk products,” Aurélien continues. “Chemical products, such as methanol, caustic soda and bitumen, but also foodstuffs, like oil and wine. We have a large range of products that we’ll be able to store securely.”

The official opening of the Isotank storage platform on September the 11th is just the beginning for Alkion Terminal Marseille: “We want to become a one-stop-shop. In the next few years, we’re looking to open an Isotank cleaning station, heating facility and repair and maintenance workshop. We want to provide our customers with everything they need when it comes to Isotank, in our convenient location in the heart of the Lavera petrochemical cluster and offer it all in the same location which reduces transportations. Alkion Terminal Marseille is proud to become first Isotank hub in the region and, in the future, the main actor in the Isotank market in the South of France.”

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