Koole and Alkion launch their 2022 ESG reports.

Today, Koole Terminals and Alkion Terminals (part of the Koole Terminals Group) released their annual Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) reports, documenting the progress that has been made in consciously designing positive change.

John Kraakman, CEO Koole Terminals: “In 2022, we continued making progress on all of the building blocks of our sustainability strategy, and made meaningful contributions to a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world. We can achieve the biggest « climate gains » by facilitating our customers’ transition to alternative and more sustainable fuels. We are already making good progress.”

Koole and Alkion are committed to publishing these reports annually to share their progress candidly with the stakeholders, to regularly revisit and renew their commitments, and because they know that ESG’s efforts are important to the customers, business partners and shareholders.

Want to learn more about our sustainable performance? Read here all about it in our 2022 sustainability reports:

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