Alkion Terminals steps into Isotank storage: very first Isotank storage platform in the south of France to be operational in September 2023

Alkion Terminal Marseille secures permit approval for game-changing Isotank storage platform

The terminal’s success in gaining a permit approval for an Isotank storage platform is a real milestone. Alkion Terminal Marseille became the first location in the south of France to receive an authorization from DREAL (the regional directorates for the environment, planning and housing) to open such platform. Our Marseille terminal’s solid expertise in liquid bulk storage, including difficult-to-handle chemicals, was a big advantage for the permit approval and is a significant added-value to the project execution.

The new platform at Alkion Terminal Marseille is transformative for southern Europe and will propel Alkion into the European Isotank market as one of the few companies able to offer this forward thinking, safe and sustainable liquid bulk storage solution. Aurélien Jakalski, Sales engineer and Project Developer at Alkion Terminal Marseille explains:


“Such a platform does not exist in the south of Europe and it’s a must have for all Isotank users. It will lead to more safety and reliability regarding the storage of products, but also to several supply chain optimizations and decreased CO2 footprint due to multimodal solutions.”

What are Isotanks?

The key benefit of Isotanks is that they are multimodal. This means they can be transported by truck, train and/or vessel without the cargo having to be discharged and reloaded when the transport mode is switched. This in itself increases the safety of logistics. It also increases flexibility for liquid bulk in addition to, or parallel with, tank storage. Isotanks are designed for the multimodal and flexible storage of chemicals, petroleum products and food products. They are called Isotanks because they are manufactured according to the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Successful cooperation with multiple stakeholders

The project involved cooperation with multiple stakeholders who were supportive and engaged throughout the process. Many thanks to Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis, DREAL, UMF (Union Maritime et Fluviale) and Via Marseille-Fos for great cooperation.
Of course, Alkion Terminal Marseille Management Team and internal teams from logistics, operation, technical, SHEQ worked hard to assure project feasibility and maintain maximum momentum during the execution phase of the project.

Construction works have started

The crucial milestone of French government approval was granted in January 2022. The execution phase began in May 2022 and we are finalizing the demolition of several old tanks to prepare the land for the construction of the Isotank. We expect to receive the first Isotank on our platform in September 2023.

Platform configuration and new opportunities

The new storage platform will offer 204 spaces for multiple product types: flammable (84 spots), toxic products (60 spots) and corrosive (60 spots). This allows us to meet in full the requests of customers who want to store liquid bulks (hazardous and non-hazardous) on a secure site, equipped with the right safety equipment and handled by trained people with many years of expertise.
An example of the supply chain optimization enabled by Isotanks will be the ability to use the platform for buffer stocks or spot need in instances such as vessel cancellations or plant maintenance. The solution can be fully integrated into the global supply chain of our customers, giving them valuable flexibility. Our current terminal customers will also also be able take advantage of the flexibility that the new platfrom offers. And, by enabling the switch from trucks to trains, it will enable our customers to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions.
We are very proud of everyone involved in this great achievement and look forward to presenting a fully operational platform very soon. Contact us now to book your spot on the new Isotank Storage Platform!

 Engineering design of the new Isotank storage platform.

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