Alkion publishes its first ESG Report.

Alkion is proud to have published its first ESG Report. Based on figures up to the end of 2021, the Report marks an important point in Alkion’s journey and reflects the significant progress we have made in terms of our ESG strategy and vision.

Introducing the Report, Alkion CEO Rutger van Thiel wrote:

“We can show demonstrable progress across all areas of safety, environmental and societal awareness. Above all, our sustainability pillars are firmly embedded within the organization and reflect the beliefs and vision of our people.”

The sustainability pillars

Alkion’s ESG Report is built around our three sustainability pillars:

Foster Wellness: Alkion maintains an absolute focus on the health and safety, on and around our premises. Another aspect of Foster Wellness is Sports, Lifestyle and Well-Being.

Empower People: Alkion is proud of its people and acknowledges that they are our most precious asset, making an essential contribution to company’s success. We therefore Empower People through recognition, delegating authority, and developing skills and leadership talent. We work closely with multiple contractors, partners and other stakeholders, and we interact constantly with the people who make up the communities around us.

Reduce the adverse impacts of climate change: Alkion works towards this is in two ways. Firstly, by taking major steps to reducing the effects of our own operations. And secondly, by facilitating storage solutions and infrastructure for the energy transition.

All three Sustainability Pillars are explored and explained in considerable depth in the Report. Between them, the pillars demonstrate that by caring for People, Planet & Profit, Alkion contributes to the creation of prosperity, durability and wellbeing for business, the communities in which we operate, and investors.

Great progress, exciting prospects

Highly readable and attractively designed, the Report consolidates and celebrates all the ESG progress made by Alkion up to the end of 2021. At the same time, it highlights and signposts the further steps and commitments we are taking towards improvement across all ESG areas.

The Report features details of Alkion’s status as the first company in its sector to be awarded CO2 Performance Ladder Certificate. It also incorporates important safety and environmental statistics along with inspiring stories of our people as well as our involvement with the communities local to our terminals.

Always listening, always responding

Above all, the ESG Report outlines in depth the countless ways in which Alkion is living up to the promise in its manifesto:

“We listen to society and the wider world. Consciously and unconsciously, we hear what the planet and its people need and believe.”

We are happy and proud to present our first sustainability report. Please download it to find out more about our vision and thoughts as we work towards a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

Click here to download the Report

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