A new sustainable boiler benefits the environment and the customers at Alkion Terminal Santander

At Alkion, we know that our lasting success depends on the choices we make today for the well-being of the planet and its people tomorrow. By adopting lower-carbon heating alternatives, we are taking tangible climate action while improving the efficiency of our terminals.

With the installation of a brand new, more efficient boiler, Alkion Terminal Santander (ATS) has become a shining example of how sustainable innovation benefits not only our environment, but a business and its customers as well. In 2022 the Alkion terminal on the north coast of Spain welcomed a new boiler that uses less energy to heat products stored in the facility.

Agustín Moreno Roldan, Terminal Manager in Santander, explains: “The new boiler’s electronic systems optimize the energy consumption. It has reduced our CO2 footprint significantly. It is also more economical to run, because it uses propane fuel instead of diesel, which in turn allows us to offer our customers more competitive heating fees.”

The boiler project was finalized in the summer of 2022: “We started the engineering, drawing and calculations in Q1, then ordered all the necessary components and prepared for the installation of the new equipment. The boiler became operational in July of 2022.”

Even in that relatively short amount of time, ATS has already seen the benefits of their new more sustainable boiler. Since its installment, the boiler has reduced the terminal’s CO2 emissions by 50% for the same amount of energy produced. The cost reduction in euros comes to 35% per unit of energy produced. Moreno Roldan adds: “It is really a win-win in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and service to the customer.”

This isn’t the only change ATS is making to become more environmentally friendly. The Terminal Manager and his team are currently investigating the possibility of installing solar panels, and the terminal is in the process of changing all traditional lights to LEDs, among other sustainability efforts.

Sustainability is central to Moreno Roldan’s vision as Terminal Manager for Alkion Santander: “We need to make these sustainability efforts for the benefit of our environment, our society, our local community, our customers and our company as a whole.”

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