Moving towards a greener future with electric car charging stations at Alkion Terminals.

As a company, Alkion aims to be a responsible actor that makes a positive and pro-active contribution to the communities and societies that we are proud to be a part of. As part of our continued focus on sustainability. Alkion terminals in Portugal, France and the Netherlands have installed car charging stations available to use for free for their employees, as well as switching company cars to either hybrid or electric vehicles. From the Netherlands and France, Geertje Kramer, Terminal Manager of Alkion Terminal Amsterdam (ATA), and Fabien Lusson, Terminal Manager of Alkion Terminal Nantes (ATN) and Alkion Terminal Bayonne (ATB), explain.

Fabien Lusson: “Two years ago, we added a car charging station to the Bayonne terminal. It is now possible to charge up to four electric or hybrid vehicles at the same time. This innovation was not only motivated by sustainability, but also by employee wellness: gasoline is getting increasingly expensive, and the car charging station is available to use for free for all our employees.” A similar car charging station will be installed in Nantes this year.

Lusson has also switched his company car from a traditional vehicle to a hybrid: “Because of the distance between the Bayonne and Nantes terminals, a hybrid car is currently the best option. As electric cars start accomodating longer distances, I will hopefully be able to switch to a fully electric vehicle soon.”

At ATA, Geertje Kramer has also taken the initiative to install a car charging station, in order to support employees in making greener choices: “It’s great to be part of a company that wants to take meaningful actions in terms of sustainability.”

Kramer also drives an electrical vehicle herself, although it isn’t a car. Her choice of vehicle is decidedly more Dutch: “I think I am the only Terminal Manager at Alkion to not have a company car, but a company bike! People ask me all the time why I don’t take the car, but taking my electrical bike is actually faster because I avoid traffic. I enjoy processing my thoughts at the end of a busy day with the wind in my hair.”

“We want to facilitate and stimulate the move towards lower-carbon energy alternatives,” Lusson adds, “it’s the only way forward.” Alkion is moving forward, the electric way!

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